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The idea of creating a living trust and going through the process (all of the paperwork, time, etc we thought it would take to complete) was very overwhelming, but Alex made the process so simple! She was very professional, extremely thorough and completed our trust in only 3 meetings. We can’t thank her enough for her hard work and patience that she had with us as we made such important decisions in our children’s lives. We recommend her to everyone who doesn’t have a trust (the reason usually being because the idea just seemed too much to have to go through). She’s the best!”
— Erica
— Erica —

— Erica —

If you are in the market for an attorney with heart, then Alex is your best choice. Kind, smart and passionate about her work. She turned my experience into a painless, enjoyable process. Within  a couple of months I had my living trust in place. She listened to my requests and worked around my schedule to accommodate my needs. Thank you Alex for all your hard work!”

— Alejandro —

If you are like me and you have been thinking of putting together your living trust and perhaps you have been thinking of doing it yourself with information you research online or with an online service, do yourself a favor and call Varela Law.  Alex is very knowledgeable, professional, personable, kind, passionate and absolutely amazing. She gathered all of my information and put together a presentation that put it all in perspective, she took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions. I am so happy I chose her to help me through this process, she made it as painless as possible and worked with my schedule to get things done. Thank you Alex, you are the best!”

— Azucena —

Alexandra was incredibly professional, efficient and handled our family trust with great skill. We kept putting off setting up our trust because we thought it would be difficult. Don’t make the same mistake. Call Varela Law right now!”

— Paul —

Estate/Trust planning has been on my to-do list for many years, until my wife and I met Alex, and without any doubt, we felt the connection and the trust.  Alex is extremely knowledgeable and explains in detail all areas of the plan, leaving no questions or gaps.  The most important part of our experience was that Alex was very accessible and easy to reach at any time to answer questions and guide through completing forms without incurring and additional costs.  Alex is definitely passionate about helping families establish their Trust; she made the process simple, and we thank her for all what she has done for us.”

— Tammam —

Working with Alex Varela has been an absolute pleasure. Alex is a caring attorney who is working to help people secure a better future for their children. Her kindness is evident in everything that she does, from working with families to being patient and understanding. She is quite knowledgeable and offers clear explanations regarding the topics of her field. My husband and I lacked knowledge about trusts, wills, and anything of the matter; Alex assisted us by informatively answering all of our questions. Her professionalism motivated us to continue with our plans. We had been considering creating a trust for many years, and we never felt ready to share such personal information with anyone until we met Alex. She is trustworthy, hard working, and very organized. Thank you, Alex, for everything that you did to help us have a restful mind regarding the future.”

— KC —

Varela Law did an incredible job at informing my family and I about trusts and breaking down the benefits and different situations. I would recommend them for anyone looking to guarantee their estate is well taken care of and disbursed according to their wishes. Thank you for your incredible professionalism and pleasant demeanor.”

— Rene —

Alex prepared our entire Revocable Trust and Wills in a very timely and thorough manner. Her sessions were well organized and productive. She was very professional and explained every detail so it was easy to understand. We have recommended Alex to many of our family and friends.”

— Dan —

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